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Officer: Where were you the night of the murder? 

Jason: I spent the night with my parents, couldn't stand to be in the room with Amanda. My wife's been sleeping with the whole town. Makes me look a fucking idiot. Out of order.  Carrie was messaging me all night about how Amanda is fucking Craig, she found messages in Amanda's phone.  The slut was fucking Charlie too he told me the night before, came clean and broke down with me over a beer wanted to smash his head in, but I didnt fucking kill him. Maybe I should have.


Officer: What can you tell us about Sheila? 

Jason: We dated a few years ago, it ended badly she had a violent streak. Was scared for my life at points. Dodged a bullet there I guess.


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Officer: What were you doing the night of the murder?

Carrie: I was alone in my room watching a movie. Craig went out. He took a phone call and then said he needed to handle something and left late at night. He left the room but I saw him by the bus stop talking with a girl with dark hair out the window. I think he is sleeping with my best friend Amanda. I read her phone the other night and it seemed like they were much more than friends. He's probably sleeping with that girl too! I was telling Jason about it all night.


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Officer: What were you doing the night of the murder? 

Craig: I was in my hotel room watching a movie, alone. Seven actually. Great movie, great movie. My wife Carrie left the room and took a call at some point. I'm sure it was Charlie she spoke to but as usual, whenever his name comes up she gets all secretive and defensive about it. The call got heated though I can tell you that much. I could hear shouting and cursing coming from the hall couldn't tell you exactly what was said but yeah it turned ugly real quick.  Then I went to sleep doesn't get less lonely, big double bed. Anyways  I had an early start so I went to sleep early.  I've suspected she wants to leave me for Charlie, been onto that one for a while.


Officer: Can you tell us anything about other suspects? 

Craig: I saw that "influencer" bitch Jessica "Hardy" or whatever her name is taking selfies in the hall. Thinks she's special cause she's got 10k followers. No one cares. 

Officer: How about Sheila? 

Craig: Sheila? What do I know about Sheila?  I know she was dating that low-life Charlie. You know the one who I think is sleeping with my wife.  I always thought she could do better than him now he's out of the picture I guess she can. 


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Officer: The victim was your boyfriend, was everything good in the relationship? 

Sheila: I can't believe he's dead, I mean we had our ups and our downs, and yeah he pissed me off at times, and believe me if I had the opportunity I wouldn't hesitate to bash his brains in, right the fuck in. But it wasn't me, I didn't kill him. 

Officer: Where were you the night of the murder? 

Sheila: Me and Charlie decided we needed some time apart, he took the car and his wallet, not sure where. I needed a drink, we don't have any in the house after the new year's incident… 

So I got the bus into town, hit up a bar or two, don't really remember much else. Getting a bus doesn't make me a murderer does it officer? I did see Carrie by the bus stop though. She was uh dragging something, she is always innocent maybe it's her you should be questioning not me!


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Officer: What were you doing the night of the murder?

Paul: I was with my beloved Jessica all night! We spent a romantic evening out, I paid for our meal and got us into that new Italian place. It was such a perfect night. Have you seen how beautiful she is? I love her so much. 


Officer: What can you tell us about the other suspects? 

Paul: That prick Jason was always obsessed with my Jess,  I bet he has something to do with it all.


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Officer: Do you have an alibi?

Amanda: I saw Craig last night. He came round stressed and acting a bit odd, not quite himself. As far as I'm concerned his marriage is already doomed anyway so I don't really care about sleeping with him. If Carrie actually got off her ass and did something with her life maybe I'd have a bit more respect. 


Officer: Can you tell us anything about the other suspects? 

Amanda: Carrie, Craig's wife,  stayed at the hotel. 


Officer: What about Jessica and her boyfriend? 

Amanda: Jessica? She doesn't have a boyfriend.


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Officer: Can you tell us about your relationship with Paul?

Jessica: I don't even know that creep! I keep blocking him but he keeps making new accounts of us saying I'm his one true love or whatever. He's even photoshopped himself over pictures of my boyfriend on my Instagram. Paul is definitely a liar. 


Officer: Did you see anything suspicious the night of the murder? 

Jessica: Some guy came up to me in the lobby and called me fake while I was trying to take a photo for my Insta. I saw him later when I was checking out by the bus stop.